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Alexander Braehler, founder and president of Tekkno Inc. is a certified Electronic Data and Control Engineer. He holds a Meister Degree in Communications Engineering. Both are german, state controlled, multi-year school programs that require final exams to become certified.  He began his career as computer technician  for one of the first Apple dealers in Germany, and was eventually promoted to department manager. In 1986 Alexander passed his first technical training from Apple and many more followed over the course of his 9 year employment. Alexander immigrated to the USA in November 1996. He founded the company in southern California in January 1997.  Alexander was member of the Apple Consultants Network from June of 1998 until May 2017. The company name was changed to Tekkno and incorporated in 2000.
Our firm is located in Santa Monica, California. Throughout the years Tekkno has provided expert service to hundreds of businesses. We are proud that a significant number of our founding clients are still with us to this day.


Tekkno, Inc.

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Santa Monica, Ca 90404

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